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Morgan Short, Writer - Who Are You, Really? Beyond Names and Titles

Updated: Apr 28

If we couldn't use our names or our jobs to introduce ourselves, who would we be? This inaugural episode, "Who Are You Really? Beyond Names and Titles," is not just an introduction to the podcast but an invitation to explore our identity, creativity, and the essence of our true selves.

In sharing my own story, I peel back the layers of what has shaped me, not just as a creator but as a person. From confronting the complex relationship between achievement and love to the courage found in embracing the unknown, this episode is a reflection of the internal dialogues we all experience. It’s a glimpse into my journey of shedding societal labels and embracing a life where creativity is not just an outlet but a form of true abundance.

This conversation is about more than my narrative; it's a mirror reflecting the challenges and triumphs every artist faces. It challenges us to consider what it means to live authentically, to create fearlessly, and to redefine success in a society that often measures worth by productivity and profit.

"Art is the New Wall Street" is my heartfelt belief that art and creativity hold the power to transform not just individuals but society as a whole. I hope to create a space where we can celebrate the unquantifiable value of creativity, share stories of inspiration, and explore the ways art is reshaping our world.

This episode, and indeed this entire project, is a testament to the belief that our stories, our art, and our creativity are the most genuine expressions of who we are. They are not just narratives but pathways to connection, transformation, and genuine understanding.

I invite you to join me on this adventure, as we uncover the power of art to inspire, to challenge, and to celebrate the richness of life beyond the confines of traditional success. Together, let’s explore what it means to live a life fueled by creativity, passion, and authentic expression.

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