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Sarah Morris - The Art of Connection

Updated: May 5

Sarah Morris, a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter, masterfully captures moments of profound human connection in her music and in life. She lives and breathes music, and uses it to stitch together narratives that resonate deeply. She often presents fellow songwriters with two questions that reveal the essence of their musical passions:

  • What song made you want to be a songwriter?

  • What song made you feel like a songwriter?

For Sarah, "Where’ve You Been" by Jon Vezner and Don Henry, performed by Kathy Mattea, was the song that made her want to be a songwriter. The heartfelt reunion of its characters echoed so profoundly that it drew her into the heart of country music in a big way.

Conversely, her song "Sway Me" penned during week 6 of a creative songwriting challenge, affirmed her identity as a songwriter. It made her feel more sure of herself and her song writing abilities but also reinforced her belief: you are what you do—write songs and you're a songwriter, run and you’re a runner, bake bread and you’re a baker, Sarah believes it’s as simple as that.

Connection with Self

An avid runner, Sarah also recognizes the importance of mental and physical well-being in fueling her creative energy. Every September, she takes a deliberate pause from songwriting to reflect, recharge, and refuel her creativity.

Offstage, she's as much a manager as a musician—booking gigs, balancing books, and building a community on Patreon.

In her lyrics, Sarah explores the minute beauties of everyday life, often focusing on small details that others might otherwise overlook. One of her favorite lines she has ever written is:

"So I miss the forest every time, but I can tell you the secrets of a single pine."

Sarah's personal library is as much a tool as her pen. Titles like The Artist's Way, The Art of Asking, You’re a Badass at Making Money, and Big Magic have helped shape her craft and offer new lenses through which she views creativity and success.

Connection with Other Musicians

Sarah is the host of a YouTube show called Toilet Tunes that actually began by accident. In 2016, she did a kickstarter and told her friend Laurie Parker that she was going to record a song in her bathroom. Laurie said she would love to come record a cover song with her. They recorded Emmy Lou by First Aid Kit. Now, every Friday at noon, Sarah invites a guest to come sing with her in her laurel green bathroom and she uploads the videos to YouTube. Below, you can check out "Light On" (Maggie Rogers Cover)

Beyond her home, Sarah is an anchor in her local songwriting community, drawing as much strength from her peers as she gives. Sarah often collaborates and learns from other local musicians like Vicky Emerson, Annie Fitzgerald, Katy Vernon, Becky Capel, Hayley Rydell, Emily Haavik, Nikki Lemire, Katy Tessman. She is also part of a songwriting group that hosts songwriter challenges.

Connection with Family

Motherhood has profoundly influenced Sarah's music, infusing it with a deeper sense of purpose and dedication. She strives to embody and demonstrate the feasibility of living creatively, and wants to encourage her children to pursue their dreams no matter what. Her music reflects this commitment, capturing the vast and minute beauties of life through a lens shaped by her experiences as a mother and artist.

Connect with Sarah

We’re celebrating Sarah for her soul-stirring performances and deep community ties. You can catch her live at the White Squirrel in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she holds a 2024 residency and performs every fourth Wednesday of the month.

Find Sarah at the links below:

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