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Daniel the Violinist - Emotional Resonance - Making Music That Strikes a Chord

Updated: Apr 28

In the ninth episode of Art is the New Wall Street, Daniel Gilbert, affectionately known as Daniel the Violinist, joins us to chat about human expression, the creative process, and his own journey as a professional violinist. Daniel Gilbert is currently based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and uniquely fuses classical violin with hip-hop, afro-beats, and latin music to create art that deeply resonates.

Expressing Ourselves through Music

Daniel's music is a bridge between the heart and the soul, inviting listeners to feel the entire spectrum of human emotion. With every stroke of his bow, he creates an auditory experience rich with feeling, a testament to his belief in the power of music to enrich the human experience.

He shares, "My favorite thing about being human is being able to express emotion."

This ethos is at the core of his artistic philosophy, making his music heard, but more importantly, felt.

Early Influences: From Childhood to Mastery

Daniel's love for music was nurtured from the young age of 6, evolving from early lessons to mastering the violin. Daniel's musical journey is also a tribute to his late mother, Linda Gilbert, whose memory serves as an eternal muse, inspiring a track from his album, Visionary, called Linda's Melody.

A Unique Space in the Music Industry

In an industry that often chases trends, Daniel emphasizes the importance of authenticity and understanding your "why." He advises artists to carve out their own unique spaces and to remain true to their artistic purpose.

Music's Impact on the Individual and the Collective

Daniel's music serves a higher purpose, acting as a catalyst for mental well-being and fostering connections within the community. He believes in the transformative power of music to touch the individual and the collective, a theme that permeates his work. His approach to art is inclusive, inviting listeners to find their own stories within his compositions, establishing a personal connection with his audience.

Stay True to Yourself

As the episode comes to a close, Daniel leaves us with a powerful message:

"Stay true to yourself, don't let people tell you what your art should be."

His encouragement extends beyond music, inspiring all forms of artists to express their soul's truth fearlessly. Whether through painting, spoken word, or any creative medium, Daniel champions the idea that art is about self-expression and storytelling.

Daniel's episode of Art is the New Wall Street is a reminder of the transformative power of art and the importance of pursuing one's passions with authenticity and courage.

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