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LeAnna Wurzer, Painter & Street Artist - Light, Humor, and Purpose

Updated: Apr 28

We had the pleasure of exploring the world of oil painting, chalk fests, street art, illustration, and other forms of art with creative, Leanna Wurzer.

An American artist and creative visionary, LeAnna has attracted clients and collectors worldwide with her unique style.

In this episode, Leanna takes us through the evolution of her artistry, her connection to various mediums, and her commitment to using art as a vehicle for light.

From her early flirtations with different career paths, to the moments that led her to fully embrace her vocation as an artist, LeAnna's story will resonate with anyone at a crossroads in life. For LeAnna, art is not just a career, but a way of life.

A Look at Some of LeAnna's Work

LeAnna introduced us to some of her unique projects including Nerd Candy, Wildly Inappropriate Cards, and her large paintings currently installed at Canvas Convergence, an immersive art experience in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota.

The art in her Nerd Candy collection is a playful yet poignant intersection of pop culture and fine art, showcasing Leanna's unique ability to merge diverse influences into cohesive, humorous, and gorgeous pieces.

Her Wildly Inappropriate Card Series further exemplifies her knack for infusing humor and light-heartedness into her work. See an example below...on the front of the card is a unicorn created by LeAnna.When you open it up, the inside hysterically says: Happy Birthday Sugar Tits.

LeAnna's Large Scale Artwork

Leanna's approach to large-scale projects like murals and street art is nothing short of amazing. She shares her journey in transforming vast spaces into stories of emotion, light, and natural elements, breathing life into blank walls and connecting with communities in surprising ways.

LeAnna's Unique Style

Leanna's work focuses on emotion, light, and storytelling. In our episode of Art is the New Wall Street, she walks us through the genesis of her ideas, from the spark of inspiration on a blank canvas to the final, emotive masterpiece. This process is a delicate balance of intention and spontaneity, guided by an innate desire to make people feel something. Often, her desired response is to make people laugh.

This episode is an open invitation to explore the intersections of creativity, emotion, and community. Her journey encourages us to embrace our own artistic identity and see art as a catalyst for growth.

Visit Canvas Convergence in Saint Louis Park!

I had the opportunity to visit Canvas Convergence in Saint Louis Park. Canvas Convergence is a unique immersive arts experience owned by Shawn McCann. You can find some of LeAnna's 3D art alongside other artists including Naomi Haverland, Allison Severson, Chris Carlson, and Shawn McCann. They are also now offering art classes and workshops! Entry is free with a suggested donation of $10 per person. Gallery hours are Wed-Sat 12pm-8pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

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